Albumer is an online Photo Album project that uses PHP and MySQL. I wrote it when I found the numerous other PHP/MySQL photo album options to be lacking.

  • Gallery independant images. Each image isn't restricted to being in just one gallery, it can be in as many or little as desired.
  • Easy to write skins.
  • Dynamically installable modules. These allow Albumer to be highly scalable and allow limitless customization without having to dig through my source code.
  • Albumer supports multiple user accounts.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation and image resizing.
The great thing about Albumer is that it is fairly minimal, but can be built upon using Modules. These Modules can provide any number of additional features, including random images, picture of the day, password protection, and anything else you may think of.

Albumer Versions

My Albumer Site

I do offer a small manual

Questions, comments, help requests should be sent to alowther AT Logo