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How to Install Albumer

Requirements: A PHP Server, MySQL and Mogrify
Albumer was developed using Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.2.3 and MySQL 3.23.52. It is recommended for use on Unix systems, simply because it requires Mogrify.

You may want to read the chapter on securing (configuring) Albumer before installing because some of the stuff is easier if you do it before hand.

Step 1 - Download the zipped tarball to a path used by the web server (i.e. ~user/public_html/). Expand it. The base directory must be world writeable (so nobody can create new user directories), so if it is not, chmod 777 albumer.

Step 2 - Setting up the MySQL database. Move into the albumer directory (i.e. ~user/public_html/albumer/). If you have root access to MySQL and on Unix, simply run
mysql -u root -p < albumer_tables.sql

Step 3 - Create an account. Use a web browser to go to the Albumer homepage (i.e. http://localhost/~user/albumer/). Signup for an account (first person to sign up gets superuser access (which currently means nothing, but will in future versions), so make sure you're first).

That's it, of course there are many possible complications, such as not having root access to MySQL. But I am confident you can figure it out.