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Guide to Albumer Skins

Skins for Albumer were designed to be as easy to write as possible. It may be helpful to view some example skins while reading this page.

Default Skin
Blue Skin
Grey Skin

Each skin is contained within an XML document which defines the tags html_albums, html_thumbs, per_row, per_page, and html_pic.

html_albums - Defines the HTML to be used when viewing a user's homepage

html_thumbs - Defines the HTML when viewing a specific album
per_page - Sets the number of thumbnails to be shown on a page (when viewing a specific album)
per_row - Sets the number of thumbnails shown per row (when viewing a specific album). This should be an integer factor of per_page for best results.

html_pic - Defines the HTML to be used when viewing a single picture.

The HTML being defined is actually a mixture of quasi-HTML and Albumer variables (such as %%thumbnails%% and %%picture%%). The variables are created by the installed modules (read the modules chapter for more info. You can also view all the variables provided by default).

Since the HTML is stored in an XML document, [ and ] and used instead of < and >. ( [ = < , [[ = [ , [[[ = [< , ] = > , ]] = ] , ]]] = >] )

Modules are the best way to completely customize an Albumer page since you define the exact HTML being substituted for a variable. However, for the users who do not know PHP, the HTML that is used for the default variables implement a ton of class tags. A completely customized page is therefore still easy to create with some clever use of CSS. The skins above provide good examples of CSS and the default variables.