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Guide to Albumer Modules

Albumer is extremely scalable due to the use of Modules. They allow a user to define their own custom variables to be used in their skins. They also allow a user to perform a number of bad activities which is why it is very highly suggested that user_module_uploads is set to false (off) if you are running Albumer in a multi-user environment.

If you want to write your own modules, I suggest you start with
which is a highly commented framework. More examples will hopefully come.

By default, each user is provided with 3 modules (defaultONE.mod, defaultTWO.mod, defaultTHREE.mod). These provide the following variables.

On the homepage of a user
%%albums%% - a table that shows album name, number of pictures in the album, and the date the album was last added to.

%%homepage%% - a link to the user's Albumer homepage

Viewing an album
both %%albums%% and %%homepage%% are again available
%%thumbnails%% - Displays a table of thumbnails in that album, with rows and columns being determined by per_page and per_row

%%pages%% - If there are multiple pages to an album, this will provide links to them

%%albumname%% - the name of the album being viewed

Viewing a picture
both %%albums%% and %%homepage%% are again available
%%picture%% - displays the fullsize image

%%description - The description of the picture

%%albumslist%% - A list of the albums the picture is in